About Us

The Fredericksburg Christian Health Center is a ministry where people from all walks of life experience divine healing in every area of their lives. It is a place where the Holy Spirit is welcomed, pursued, and given space to work in every aspect of FCHC operations; from leadership decisions to each patient interaction by staff and volunteers.

At the Fredericksburg Christian Health Center patients experience the love of Jesus through His servants; the volunteers, staff, and leadership. The love of Christ is primarily shown through the provision of high-quality healthcare to the poor, broken, and outcast. Emotional and spiritual needs are addressed, as well as social determinants of health. Care is distinct by being comprehensive, compassionate, prayerful, and being life changing.

The Fredericksburg Christian Health Center identifies as part of the larger Body of Christ, and seeks to be a catalyst in unifying His Body by partnering with a diverse group of local churches. The local Christian community with grow closer to God and each other through volunteering, employment, leadership, providing financial and/or spiritual support, or being seen as patients at FCHC.


Our History

In 2001, Dr. Timothy Powell felt the call to leave the for-profit private practice model of health care and obey Jesus command to care for the poor and spread the Gospel by opening a mission focused, non-profit health clinic that would provide high quality and affordable services to the uninsured. With the assistance of board members, local businesses and churches, and Mary Washington Hospital, the Fredericksburg Christian Health Center opened its doors in January 2003. Dr. Powell and his 3 staff were able to provide over 800 office visits to uninsured patients that year.

Over the years FCHC has grown to have up to 20 staff (to include the equivalent of 4 full-time medical providers) and 10 volunteers so that in 2010 and in 2013 we provided over 4,000 visits to uninsured patients. In 2013 Dr Stinar joined FCHC, and in 2014 we opened our satellite clinic by the Spotsylvania Courthouse. From 2003 through 2018 FCHC has provided over 45,000 visits to uninsured patients, providing over 5 million dollars in direct medical services….Our staff prays with about 1000 patients each year!

The Fredericksburg Christian Health Center has been a rotation site for medical students from the medical school at UVA. In 2016 God revealed to Dr. Powell the influence he can have on the future generation of Physicians, and called him to pursue a position with a medical school. In January of 2017 Dr. Stinar started transitioning into the role of medical director for FCHC, and in August of 2017 Dr. Powell moved to North Carolina to join the teaching staff at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University.

Dr. Stinar’s vision for FCHC is to continue to be a mission driven non-profit ministry, providing high quality comprehensive care to the poor. We desire FCHC to be an active partner with other health professionals, community service providers, Christian ministries and churches, to accomplish our common missions of caring for the poor and sharing the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. We hope to be a catalyst in uniting the Body of Christ to be the hands and feet of Jesus together, regardless of differences in denomination, skin color, cultural background, and socioeconomic status.

Our Missions Statement

The Fredericksburg Christian Health Center is a non-profit organization that serves those who cannot afford health care with quality health care in the name of Jesus Christ. We minister to the body, mind, and spirit in order for healing to come about in all three.

Our Vision Statement 

The vision of Fredericksburg Christian Health Center is to see our patients and our community experience healing and wholeness through Jesus Christ.