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As a not-for-profit corporation, we invest our profits back into the organization through such activities as upgrading our technology, developing new services and hiring new staff. The result is continuous improvement in the scope and quality of care we’re able to provide to the community. In addition to investing in our organization, we invest heavily in our community. Learn more about our community benefits. Finally, our not-for-profit status drives us to be the kind of organization that provides care to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. We provide significant financial assistance.

Vakos Real Estate

Vakos Residential Real Estate is a full service residential brokerage with a team of dedicated, experienced agents committed to always exceeding our clients’ expectations. We strive to set the standard of excellence in real estate services. Vakos Commercial Real Estate has one clear goal and focus in mind – our clients. With on-going representation of development projects and clients throughout Virginia, the Vakos Real Estate team of experts stands ready to handle all your real estate needs. 

As a family owned company we know that the foundation of every home we build for a customer is the most critical element of the construction process. Our foundation is built on core values of integrity, respect, trust and results. We have delivered over 2,500 homes in over 30 communities to our customers who are also our neighbors. Our Company name comes from Ecclesiastes 4:12, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”. We recognize that collaboration is essential to our success as a business.



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We Now Have the COVID-19 Vaccine!

Where: Fredericksburg Christian Health Center

When:  Tuesdays 8am to 10am and Thursdays 2pm to 4pm

Who: Ages 18 and over

How to Sign Up:

Call 540-785-8500 or log onto MyChart to make an appointment


Ahora tenemos la ¡Vacuna para el COVID-19!

Dónde:   Fredericksburg Christian Health Center

Cuándo: Martes de 8 am a 10 am y Jueves de 2pm a 4pm

Quién:    Mayores de 18 años

Cómo registrarse:

Llame 540-785-8500 o inicie sesión MyChart para hacer una cita